Valle California, Patagonian Conservation Community

Property Details

  • Location: Valle California, Palena, Patagonia

  • Property Type: Conservation Based Residential Project

  • Size: 3,200 Hectares With a Maximum 25 Homes

          Permitted On The Entire Property

  • Price: Starting at US$700,000

  • Own a piece of stunning Patagonia via a unique

          ownership concept

  • One of the last great wildernesses, stunningly

          beautiful and rugged

  • Patagonia real estate ownership made easy

  • Owners have access to almost 3,000 hectares of land

          that is permanently protected

  • Remote but also easily accessible property by both

          road and air

Valle California Concept

An innovative, US incorporated, for-profit conservation company has created a unique concept in Chile. The company has purchased several very large properties in Patagonia and has started to develop them into mixed tourism and residential properties.

How does this work? In the case of Valle California, a magnificent 3,200 hectare property in Patagonia with spectacular fly fishing, hiking, horse-trekking and other recreational activities available on the property itself, 6 different areas have been identified for “Limited Development Areas (LDA)”.

Each LDA has been sub-divided into several lots. Individuals can purchase a lot of around 10 hectares, on which they are permitted to build a home and outbuildings of a pre-determined size, depending on the value of the lot. Property owners may use their homes as residences or as tourism operations.

Included in the price of the +/-10 hectares, for which buyers obtain formal title, are another 100 to 120 hectares of the entire 3,200 reserve. These 100-120 hectares are owned via shares in the company that owns the conservation area of the reserve, and any owner can use them for recreational purposes. In this way, owners are only paying for the value of between 100 and 130 hectares of land, but have access to almost 3,000 hectares of stunning Patagonian countryside. This is a unique ownership concept.

Each LDA has different characteristics, with a mix of views of lagoons, rivers, forest and being suited for fly-fishing, hiking or kayaking.

On the entire 3,200 hectare property, only 25 residences will ever be built, meaning this is a highly exclusive project. Buyers are from all over the world and a fantastic community is being developed in Patagonia.

Why Purchase In Valle California?

  • This is a truly unique opportunity to own a piece of the one of the last great wilderness areas in the world, without completely cutting yourself off from the rest of the world. Valle California is attracting a fantastic mix of Chileans and international buyers and a community is starting to develop.

  • For the price of just +/-120 hectares, you are gaining permanent access to almost 3,000 hectares.

  • You can be safe in the knowledge that the vast majority of the property (93%) will be maintained in its pristine state as a conservation area, with development highly restricted to specific areas.

  • Climate change over the coming years will affect many parts of the world, but Patagonia will always have enough water and enough land to maintain itself.

  • Patagonia real estate values have dramatically increased in recent years and are expected to continue to show strong growth as the area becomes better known around the world. This is an excellent financial investment opportunity as well as an investment in an incredible lifestyle change.

  • The property is owned and managed by a US based and incorporated company, with offices in Santiago and on-site, meaning that you can be absolutely sure that what you’re paying for is what you’re getting.

  • Property boundaries and legal status in Patagonia can often be a little hazy. Patagonia Sur has spent several years investigating the region and has completed due diligence to the highest possible standard on each and every property.

  • Property owners have access to the existing tourism infrastructure on the property, managed by a team of local gauchos and professionals. This includes several yurts, a restaurant, equipment hire and excursion arrangements.

Price from: $700,000 + 3% commission (+19% sales tax on commission)

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