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Property Details

  • Location: Futaleufu, Patagonia

  • Property Type: Conservation

  • Size: 103 hectares

  • Price: Starting at US$3 million

  • Own a piece of stunning Patagonia just 20 minutes from booming Futaleufu

  • 2.2km of river frontage

  • Home site

  • 70m buffer zone protects the river frontage from construction

  • Remote but very easily accessible from Futaleufu airport just 20 minutes away

Fundo Encantado

This stunning property is located just 20 minutes from Futaleufu and Futaleufu airport. But despite its proximity to the city, the property is completely private and secluded, with a large native forest-covered hillside and the Futaleufu River separating the city from the farmstead.

The property has 2.2km of river frontage and some of the best fly-fishing in the region. The river frontage is protected by a conservation easement, which restricts construction within the first 70 metres from the river.

The property boasts extensive native forest with Lenga and Coihue trees amongst the flora on the property. There is also extensive grazing land for cattle.


The city of Futaleufu is known as a base for some of the best white-water rafting, fly-fishing and adventure sports in Chile. It has become a base for tourists looking to explore the best of what Chilean Patagonia has to offer in terms of outdoor tourism. The Futaleufú River is known as one of the best white-water rafting rivers in the world and draws tourists from all over the globe. 

Located just a few kilometres from the Argentine border, the town is easily accessible either via flights from Santiago o via Argentina. 

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